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United Service Workers Union, Local 755 : "Local 755 would support the democratic nominees David L. Ganz and Bernadette P. McPherson for Freeholder on the basis of their answering questions and supporting issues important to the Union and maintaining services for the residents of Bergen County." 9/21/05

Endorsed 9/14/05 by Bergen County Education Association

Endorsed for re-election (6/9/05)

Endorsed June 9, 2005 for re-election by Bergen County Central Trades & Labor Council (AFL-CIO), Charles Mattson, President, Ann Twomey, COPE Director, Michael Schneider, COPE Director.

Endorsed by the Bergen Record. (Nov. 1, 2002).

The good news in the Bergen freeholder race is that voters can't go too far wrong. The four candidates for the two open slots are all well-qualified and articulate on the issues. All four agree on the importance of sufficient funding for open space. And all four talk about the need for cooperation and consensus between Republicans and Democrats on the freeholder board.

But the two Democratic challengers, David Ganz of Fair Lawn and Bernadette McPherson of Rutherford, would bring better balance and new perspectives to the board. If elected, they would swing control to the Democrats, who have had a majority only once - last year -since the board was made strictly a legislative body in the 1980s.

[For county executive, The Record yesterday recommended state Sen. Henry McNamara, R-Wyckoff, who has shown the ability to work in bipartisan fashion as well.]

If great ideas were the sole criterion for voting for candidates, Mr. Ganz, the mayor of Fair Lawn, would win in a walk. Mr. Ganz came up with the idea of commemorative state quarters, which cost roughly two cents a piece to make and are so ardently sought by collectors that they have raised $5 billion for the federal government. Now that's making an impact.

Mr. Ganz, a lawyer who once worked for the United Nations food program in Rome, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the job. As mayor, he has written several borough ordinances, including one to establish the first municipal public advocate in Bergen County, and he expanded borough services, including those for seniors. If elected, he promises to push to hold freeholder meetings in all parts of the county and to look into establishing satellite county offices to serve towns distant from the county seat in Hackensack.

Ms. McPherson, the mayor of Rutherford, would be an effective advocate for the interests of the southern part of the county, which is usually underrepresented on the board. She would be a persuasive advocate for increased open space funding for South Bergen and points out that during the county's Open Space Trust Fund's first three years, roughly 80 percent of the money went to projects north of Route 4.

Both Democrats see high property taxes as the top issue facing the county and say they would cut costs by reducing the work force through attrition and a cost-effective retirement incentive. The emphasis must be on cost-effective. The Republican-controlled board offered buyouts a few years back that mostly seemed to fatten the benefits of officials already on their way out the door.

Paid for by David L. Ganz and Ganz & Hollinger, P.C. and Committee to Reelect David L Ganz , Vi Etler Treasurer

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