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 Speeches  »  Meadowlands Minor League Ballpark, September 9, 2002

Meadowlands Minor League Ballpark (9/9/02) Statement of Mayor David Ganz Thank you Freeholder McNerney.. I share the your vision on this issue. I feel strongly that though the Arena needs to stay in place here in the Meadowlands, and any redevelopment plan for Meadowlands needs to have family entertainment component, like a minor league ballpark. Additionally, I feel strongly that any proposal with a ballpark allow for Bergen County High School and college leagues access to the ballpark for major events, such as championship and All Star games and even lesser games when possible. This proposal will assist our county economically and also allow generations of young ballplayers the chance to play in a world-class venue. When I am elected, I look forward to working with Dennis as COunty Executive and Mayor Bernadette McPherson as Freeholder to make this project a reality. Now I would like to introduce my good friend, the Mayor of Rutherford, Bernadette McPherson.

Paid for by David L. Ganz and Ganz & Hollinger, P.C. and Committee to Reelect David L Ganz , Vi Etler Treasurer

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